Promo video clips of some of our material

NOTE: It  has come to our attention that a few of you have been trying with mixed success to search the video clips on YouTube from an Internet-connected TV as opposed to a computer. Upon investigation, it was found that instead of searching "KK Brown" in the search box window, better luck was obtained by searching under "kkbrownjr", which brought up 15 of the 20 video clips I currently have up on YouTube. For the remaining 5, it worked if you typed in the actual track name (e.g., "Goodbye" followed by "KK Brown"), and it brought the remainder up.

Not sure exactly as to why it's doing this, but there are also links at this web site under the "YouTube" drop-down menu for all 20 of the current video tracks. These video clips are nothing fancy at this point, just basic still-photo video clips designed to get the tracks all up and running via YouTube. Farther on down the road we plan on posting much better and far more professional looking clips of each track, blending both still and live action.