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Calling Lady Blue
(Words & music by Keith Brown)

Calling Lady Blue, age of 22
When I kissed you that first summer night,
Laughing in the sun, and two became as one,
As the flame seared our souls burning bright.

I'm calling Lady Blue, now I recall that you
Had a hold on me right from the start,
And love that's meant to be will set our souls afree,
As we gave from the depths of our hearts.

But now these days find you questioning all that you've known,
From the things that I've said through the things that I've shown,
From the days that we've laughed through the nights that we've cried,
From those dear to your heart you keep locked up inside.

So I'm calling Lady Blue to get a message through,
That there's a song in my soul from afar,
Of a girl who came to me on a gentle summer breeze,
With a love that's as old as the stars.

But is there anyone home? Can you hear what I say?
Or am I grasping at shadows of ghosts far away?
Now you're here in my mind and you're here in my heart,
And you're here in my world, you were there from the start, my lady blue.

And I don't know where the time went, the days passed us by,
Left us older, less certain in the blink of an eye,
I feel the doubt in your heart that my love still is true,
If I could turn back the days I would spend them again with Lady Blue.

Calling Lady Blue, now I'm in love with you,
From the moment you first looked my way,
I'll be there for you to see the story through
From this moment 'till my dying day.

And through the nights that I've held you, your tears that I've dried,
I have been there beside you yet my hands, they are tied,
It doesn't help if you're silent, does it matter who's wrong?
Does it matter who's right when I've loved you this long?

So I'm calling Lady Blue, you know I'm calling Lady Blue,
Now I’m calling Lady Blue, I'm in love with you.