Loner Man 

(Words & Music by Keith Brown) 


There’s something in his approach or something in his style 

That tells the people to stay away more than a country mile, 

Reaching blindly to grasp a hand, and grasping nothing all the while, 

He’s the loner man, tryin’ hard to make a stand 

To try and ease the rain as it falls on his life. 


While searching amid the lies and hoping to gain the true, 

A loner man who has to compromise 

And you know that it ain’t nothing new, 

Keeping quietly to himself, the words they are so few, 

He’s the loner man, watch him as he makes his stand, 

Forever aiming at the stars, yet he never gets far… 



The loner man can see and feel the need and the want to be, 

But something lacks inside and his own foolish pride 

Stands and blocks his way as he lives his life day to day, 

And keeps him feeling tight, 

Ah, but would he feel right sleeping at night? 

And would he feel new? 

A loner man reaches out to all of you… 


Bright smiles on the road in piles can only go so far, 

And deep inside, you know, 

He wishes that he could shine like the brightest star, 

Yet all he can do is play his hand and pray it reaches par, 

He’s the loner man, tryin’ hard to make a stand, 

Smiling softly to himself down the days of his life, 

Yes he’s a loner man, he’s making castles out of sand, 

And then the rain washes away 

What he builds in each day. 


Well, he’s the loner man, yeah he’s the loner man… 


© 2019 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)   
All rights reserved. Used by permission.