Last Night 

(Words & Music by Keith Brown) 


Last night the blues were chasing me, so I ran up your way, 

The thought of seeing you made me feel glad, 

But there you sat with another man, forgetting you and me, 

And you had the nerve to ask me, “Are you mad?” 

After I had given you all that I had. 


No, I’m not merely mad girl, I’m beginning now to burn, 

You really had me fooled there for a time, 

I’ve loved you very deeply yet get nothing in return 

But heartbreak and the feeling you’re not mine, 

And I opened up my eyes to you last night. 


Girl, you really had me thinking that I was the only one, 

As you played my heart, so lady, shame on me. 

But then, I got wise, opened my eyes to a girl who’s come undone, 

Made me realize that we could never be. 


You don’t love me, lady, and you know I speak the truth, 

I don’t know why you ever told the lie, 

If you can’t change, I’m the one who must at the cost of sanity, 

So I give you all my love with this goodbye, 

And my girl, I never will forget last night.


© 2019 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)  
All rights reserved. Used by permission.