Ding Dong Daddy
(Words & music by Keith Brown)

He was a ding-dong daddy and they called him Sammy,
And he came from down Georgia way,
He had an eye for the ladies, and a wife, two babies,
His religion on display,
Oh, and he don’t care, it’s neither here nor there,
So long as things they go his way, oh baby.

She was a gal so fine, just as sweet as wine,
With a radiance aglow,
She took his only son as her chosen one,
And he soon became her beau,
Aw, but Daddy saw and stood in awe
Of the lady openly, now mama.

Well, greeting cards and love’s regards,
Emotional debris,
Love letters in her mailbox, unwanted flattery,
Ding Dong Daddy’s pulling out the stops
To the maximum degree,
With his boy there on the sideline,
Standing, watching silently.

(Instrumental Bridge)

Well she resolved not to get involved with such chicanery,
So with no debate she set things straight,
And she set some boundaries,
But Ding Dong Daddy’s ire was set afire,
And he just fanned the flame,
Well, he put his hands upon her twice,
But she done got the blame.

So now the Daddy’s fate was a big court date,
Where he was soon cut down to size,
And the law, it say, you’d better stay away,
If you’re worldly and your wise,
But still Daddy pray to find a way
That he might catch her eye.

Well, he be finding ways to get around a lawful court decree,
Now, he feels the need to try and feed
His obsession endlessly.
Now you try to hide behind your mask, this deep religious veil,
But you better watch your step, son,
Or you’ll land your ass in jail,
Ding Dong Daddy…

© 2012 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.