A Woman Like You 

(Music by Keith Brown / Lyrics by Roland Maddox) 


I’ve been searching for the right words to say, 

And I’ve been living on hope day to day, 

That maybe in time perhaps I may find a woman like you. 

Someone who sees the world the same as I do, 

Who with a smile can turn what’s old into new, 

With deep flashing eyes that cut down to size 

Those that she sees through. 


Raven-haired lovely girl wraps around my soul 

All her love, I can’t fight and I lose control, 

Wondered, were you alive now, a woman like you? 

Now I’ve been lately talking out of my head 

While I’ve been falling for a lady in red 

Whose deep flashing eyes see through my disguise and ring out so true. 

(Instrumental Bridge) 

Well, I’ve been living out the days nom de guerre, 

Living life as though the devil may care, 

But her wit and her style, her deep lovely smile 

Erase all my blues. 

And all the lives now that she touches each day, 

Are somehow richer, and they each have to say 

The pleasures they’ve known, the joys they’ve been shown 

Of a woman like you. 


Crazy girl wraps her love all around my soul, 

Holds on tight to my heart, now she won’t let go, 

Nothing’s ever the same with a woman like you…