All Systems Go
(Music by Kevin Carmody - Lyrics by Keith Brown)

 All systems go, now let’s get this show up and running,
Nowhere left to run and hide,
All systems go, now this lonely heart is showing
Signs of love long since denied,
Along the way, well I’ve come to realize
That a good man doesn’t compromise,
And I’ve got to say that as I’ve come to know you
That I see it all now through different eyes,
‘Cause you’ve got a way about you,
I want to break through and see life now from the other side,
So all systems go, commencing countdown,
And I’m wishing on the moon tonight.
My heart is mending, and my love I’m sending,
It comes whistling down the wires tonight,
No more lonely shades of gray, you chase my blues away,
Took my broken wings and gave them flight.
You ought to know, you are the keeper of the key
That can unlock my soul.
I keep your photograph next to my heart now,
It’s so easy now upon my eyes,
I hear your laughter ring and it frees me somehow,
It unchains this prisoner in disguise.
And though you’ll never see just what you mean to me,
It’s a feeling that I can’t deny.
So all systems go, commencing liftoff
As I go soaring through your deep, blue sky.
Since I have met you, well I’ve come to see now,
How a good man rises up and shines,
I hope you see now, well, I hope that somehow
You can maybe read between the lines,
“Cause I see you standing there, a breath of cool, fresh air,
As it beckons me into the night,
So all systems go, commencing landing
And my destination seems in sight.

© 2014 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Used by permission.