Who Am I? (Mysterious World)
(Words & Music by Keith Brown)

Lord God, who am I? Lord God, why am I? Lord God, what is life?
Lord God, what is my purpose in being here?

Well now, questions that I ask, seemingly so lost in time,
Leaving me without the slightest clue to this thing called life,
One day long ago I came to and I found I was here,
I knew to laugh and to love, I knew to cry and to fear.

Caught up in a world of greed and caught up in a world of hate,
Caught up in a shell of flesh and bone to live out my days,
Gazing out into the heavens, through the whole universe,
Makes me realize the tiny speck I am on this earth.

Well, this awareness deep within has left no doubt in my mind,
I am here for some deep purpose, not just living to die,
Spinning onward through each second, there can be no debate,
I race full speed to a head-on collision with my fate.

And the world turns in echoed silence
As it slowly steals its way through space,
A material place for a mysterious race...

Lord God, now help me to remember with the passing of time,
That each second brings me nearer to the end in this life,
Flickering fires glowing bright burn down to ashes and then
As it was in the beginning will it be in the end.

© 2010 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.