A Song Of You & Me
(Words & Music by Keith Brown)

As I sat out here late last night I saw of things I know will be,
And as the dawn winds hailed I heard you call…
Were you calling me?
I heard your voice and I heard it strong, the midnight of my life
Heard this song of you and me…

I answered to your call but no reply came out from the wind so fair and free,
My mind began to fall as I asked why…
Why were you calling me?
I thought I saw you in the distance long and then within my mind
I heard this song of you and me…

I thought I saw you on the edge of time
From the shadows, girl, I heard you call my name,
Shimmering softly like a desert mirage,
But when I opened my eyes, girl, I found
That my dream had gone away…

My mind, it then envisioned your sweet face gazing up at me from by my side,
From flowing, dreamy canyons came your call,
Filling up my empty night,
I heard and saw you standing there so sweet,
And when I woke up, girl, I wrote this song of you and me…

© 2011 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.