(Words & Music by Keith Brown, 1969)
Ollie, why are you so darned shy?
Ollie, give us the reason why
You’re so shy now in front of that girl.
She says she is in love with you,
Believe me, the best thing that you can do
Is open your heart and give it a whirl.
Ollie, believe me, I’m on your side,
But friend, you just cannot run and hide,
When you’re so shy now but wanting her heart,
You may run and hide by degree,
But every trick in the book you’ll see,
So go to her now and make a fresh start.
Ollie, why don’t you wake up to the facts
And see that she loves you very much,
And that she’ll never do you wrong.
Give it your heart and soul,
You’re losing your self-control,
You’re shy now in front of that girl.
Now she’s so in love with you,
So why can’t you see it too?
Open it up and give it a whirl.

© 2014 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP) 
All rights reserved. Used by permission.