(Words & Music by Keith Brown) 


Marianne, I’ve heard so much about you, 

And all things you could do, 

What a kind, nice woman you were. 


Marianne, trying to remember 

One morning in December, 

Such a smile upon your face. 



But now you’ve gone the way of Jesus, gone the way of Jesus, 

Close your eyes, and go to sleep. 


Marianne, the things I heard were true, I can tell, 

And though I never knew you that well, 

What I knew of you, I liked. 


Marianne, don’t know if you can hear me, 

Or if you’re standing near me, 

But be good wherever you are. 


Marianne, Marianne, 

Marianne, oh Marianne. 

Marianne, Marianne, 

Marianne, oh Marianne


©2020 by Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)

All rights reserved. Used by permission.