I Came This Way
(Words & Music by Keith Brown)

I came this way for you,
Now’s the time to see the task through,
In the desert adrift, but the sands, they now shift,
Now’s the time to begin life anew.

I came this way for me,
Here’s my hand, take it, set us afree,
Now we’ve been long in the dark,
Take this match, strike a spark,
There’s a new world around us to see.

I came this way with you,
On a journey together into
Time & space, night and day,
As we’ve both made our way
On our journey in search of the truth.

Chorus 1:
I’ve been trying to reach out to you,
There’s a message I need to get through,
That you’re holding us back,
It’s those feelings you lack
And your anger that’s making me blue.

I came this way for you,
Now’s the time and the place, here’s our cue,
To be making a change,
A fresh start, rearrange,
See it all from a fresh point of view.

Chorus 2:
And in the long run I know you will find
That you’ll never receive peace of mind
On this road we have traveled,
It’s kept you unraveled,
And kept me incredibly blind.

I came this way for you,
Come with me girl, we’ll see it all through,
Things are not set in stone,
You were never alone,
All along I was standing there, too.

© 2012 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.