Tuesday’s Son

(Words & Music by Keith Brown)


Tuesday’s Son blinked his eyes today, 

Found the sunshine now lighting his way, 

Peaceful notions set to his heart, cast out darkness to make a new start, 

And goodbye to the old ways of darkness and doubt, 

Let them sit these days out. 

Tuesday’s Son has set out today 

With a word from the heart to live day by day. 


Tuesday’s Son found himself today in the most peculiar place, 

Deep within his dark, questioning mind 

Came the answer so wanting to find. 

And with peace in his mind and with love in his heart, 

Out to make a new start, 

Tuesday’s Son wants to share his truth with those still in the dark, 

And help light the way. 

Yes, to help light the way, you know, the sad times can sit these days out, 

Put an end to the days, those days of sadness and darkness and doubt. 


And with the dawn of First Morning, sets out on his way, 

He’s lived a lifetime of walking in darkness 

Now there’s nothing to lead him astray. 

See the boy walk along, he’s taking it slow, day by day, 

In his heart lives a song of love, come what may. 


Tuesday’s Son ain’t the same these days, 

He spreads sunshine and love on his way, 

Helps his brother who’s down and out, 

Tries to show them what life is about, 

And he finds untold beauty in each little thing, 

Lifts his soul out to sing, 

Tuesday’s Son lives his life this way, 

Such a simple life, he lives day by day. 


Yes, he lives day by day, loving life and emerging from night, 

Love is here now to stay, 

Tuesday’s Son has stepped into the light.


© 2019 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)   
All rights reserved. Used by permission.