(Words & Music by Keith Brown)

Got me down on my knees, pretty mama,

I feel happy, I can see the sky.
I feel free, no more now will I cry,
The birds are all sweetly singing,
The sounds of life everywhere.

Through the fields of flowers I run with my love,
And tell her sweetly what I’m thinking of,
And it feels so refreshing,
Living life like I care,
Running with the wind,
She’s a breath of pure fresh air.

Wasn’t so long ago life had seemed uninviting,
Seems the boy could smile no how, nowhere, no way,
Then I met a little girl who seems so exciting,
And I just can’t seem to shake her from my mind,
I’m thinking about her night & day,
But that’s okay,
If it’s it’s real they say love will find a way,
Let the chips fall where they may.

Got me down on my knees, pretty mama,

I feel laughter come this sunny day,
I feel sunshine comin’ down my way,
Reaching out in the darkness
And finding somebody there,
She’s my brown-eyed beauty
With lovely dark brown hair,
And I know she cares,
Knows that I’ll be there,
With a love so rare.

Got me down on my knees, pretty mama.

© 2011 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.