Universal Journey
(Words & Music by Keith Brown - 1969)

Build a spaceship and we’ll leave this place,
Thru the heavens, light years out in space,
Just we two, girl, through eternity,
Universal Journey, that’s for you and me.

Through our solar system we shall ride,
Waving goodbyes to all human life,
Passing Saturn at the speed of light,
Universal Journey, as Earth fades from our sight.


And as we race through outer space
We’re bidding Mankind goodbye,
The wonders of the universe,
Now who knows what we may find?
With Mother Earth left behind,
We drift forever through time.

Sea of blackness through the zodiac,
Love and peace is one thing we won’t lack,
Many colors, racing from all sides,
Universal Journey, catch the cosmic tide.

On a distant planet we shall bring,
Peace and harmony to rule as king,
Live with creatures never to be known,
Universal Journey, finding our new home.

Out beyond the Milky Way,
Out beyond the gamma ray,
We’re leaving, come what may.

© 2012 Haunted Mesa Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.